Hairy Bella


Bella looks cute when she takes her tits out and even better when she takes out her hairy cunt. She did a pretty decent job of spreading her mature hairy pussy in this set.

There are currently 10 galleries of Bella available, dating back to mature and hairy volume 65. There’s this one gallery where she’s guiding a massive dildo towards her hairy cunt, and then she sticks it in and holy shit… does she take that whole thing? What a sweetheart!

This cute hairy blonde milf is 36 years old and is a nurse. She says she likes a man who takes control. That would be no problem if we were together… suck my dick… lay back and spread your legs… squeeze my dick with your cunt muscles until I cum… man, it would be so much fun telling her what to do!

Bella listed her hobbies as love making, modelling, sun tanning and skiing. She says she’s looking for a rich, educated, older man.

This Bella babe is a pretty nice dish, and I enjoyed checking out all her galleries.

You can see all of Bella’s work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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