Mature Hairy Plumper


Did I say mature “hairy” plumper? Today’s post could just have easily been called mature “horny” plumper. This chick Eleonora is extremely horny and loves to masturbate when she’s not getting any cock. Any guy with a dick can fuck this chick any time, no problem.

Eleonora doesn’t seem to smile much, she always looks so serious. Even when it comes to combing her thinning bush, she has more of a scowl on her face than a smile, but maybe that’s why? She’s disappointed that she’s losing her bush! Is that what her problem is? What do you guys think? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Anyway, Eleonora is 44 years old and is only 5’3. She’s a chef and gets turned on by young boys. Young boys to her means any guy under 25 years old. What she’d really like to do is to fuck two young guys in the woods. Wouldn’t that make your day? To be just casually walking along with a friend and then meet this chick who invites you both into the woods for a fuck? Sure lady, we can fuck!

Eleonora first appeared in mature and hairy volume 69 and currently has three galleries available. She’s from St. Petersburg, Russia, and she’s currently available.

You can see all of Eleonora’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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