Hairy Katerina Shaves It Off


I know some of you guys might like to see this sort of thing every now and then but I personally do not. I find the fact that she is shaving her pussy it to be very disturbing and downright depressing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we always need more bush in the world.

This nice dish is Katerina and she’s from All Hairy. This gallery started off really nicely. She’s laying back on the couch spreading her nice hairy cunt and showing off her hairy ass, then all of a sudden out comes this shaver and 30 pics later, off comes the bush. She sure does have a nice-looking pussy and all, but I really preferred seeing the bush. What a waste.

After the shave is done, she gets a dildo out  and plays with herself, but now the cunt is bald. You can do whatever you want now, honey, because I don’t care anymore. The earlier part of this gallery was quite good though. And at least she is nice and hairy in her other sets. They didn’t show her shaving her ass crack, so I guess now she has a bald cunt and a hairy ass? At least there’s something different.

You can see all Katerina’s nice work at All Hairy. This one is in the mature and hairy section.

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