Awesome Mature Hairy Scarlett


We have such a huge amount of girls to cover before my plan to talk about every model in ATK’s mature and hairy section is done. We’ve come a long way, and have covered many girls for sure, but we’re still not even getting close to catching up to where ATK is right now in this section. And for that reason too, I very rarely post the same girl more than once, but like I was saying in an earlier post there, are so many excellent galleries in this section and this awesome hairy babe Scarlett is so hot too. So I couldn’t resist talking about this girl again.

Scarlett has been a hairy favorite basically ever since she’s been around. She currently has 30 excellent galleries available, and every one of them have been marked as hot by the members of Natural & Hairy. In total there are 2,285 excellent images there just of hairy Scarlett.

Beside that very nice and tasty looking hairy pussy, she also has hairy pits and a really nice set of lungs on her. She’s 30 years old and wants to fuck two guys at once.

She likes guys with intelligence, a dry sense of humor, nice arms and chests. Nice arms I could probably define, because I’m sure that means muscular. But nice chest? How do you define that? Just wear a shirt. If you were asking me to define ‘nice hairy pussy’, then just take a look at Scarlett here.

You can see all of Scarlett’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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