Furry Housewife Majal


Majal is a popular milf who has done quite a few excellent housewife galleries since she’s been at All Over 30. She appears in the Furry Housewives section of the site, which has a ton of awesome hairy housewives that’ll have you squirting load after load.
As soon as you see Majal lose the panties and you catch a glimpse of that huge bush, you’ll be sporting a woody pretty quick. Let Majal see you take your dick out and then get ready for some hard action. She loves to tease a cock with her bush. She’ll get on top of you and rub that thick forest on your dick and let you feel her wet slit, but since she loves to tease so much, she wants to make you wait before she lets you slip your dick up her hairy hole.

And since you’re hard and just about ready to cum anyway, she’ll get the first load out of the way by sucking you off good and proper. This is a very experienced milf we’re talking about here, and she definitely knows what to do with a cock. She also happens to love giving head.

Once you’ve finally shot a load in her mouth and she’s swallowed your cum, she’s there on her knees looking up at you and she’s still pulling your cock. Now she asks you if you’re ready to fuck. Majal is extremely horny and she loves to screw. The harder and deeper you can fuck her the more she likes it. That was part of her logic for giving you the blowjob. She wants you to be able to fuck her for as long as possible.

You can see lots more of this hairy slut housewife at All Over 30.

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