Big Hairy Gash


I’ve always liked this hairy milf Lisa. She’s a nice looking lady who has a wide triangle and although her slit can look fairly tight in some of her shots, she does seem to have a pretty big gash on her when you see her spreading her hairy snatch in other shots.

Lisa has done some excellent work and she’s an excellent spreader. She has 30 galleries available and they have all been marked as hot by the members of ATK Hairy.

Her first gallery dates back to mature and hairy volume 237 and there are now over 7,600 images of this babe spreading her legs in one position or another. This chick sure does alot of spreading.

So if you like this babe then you’re really going to be in luck. What an excellent spreader and there are tons of excellent shots of her with her legs open wide. She’s totally ready to fuck. Its always a pleasure to check out her work again. I just voted her a 5, not as if she needs it. Check out all her work and you’ll like her too.

Lisa has a rating right now of 4.59 out of 5.0 which is very good. She likes very rich men and she’s into swimming and yoga.

She’s one of ATK Hairy’s many hairy milfs who are from the UK. She’s 34 years old and likes every sexual position. I like her laid back and spread the best, but there are some excellent memorable shots of her leaning back on a couch with her legs up that I really like too. Those ones are in the gallery she did of her as a tennis player. I’d like to be her instructor even though I don’t really know fuck all about the mechanics of tennis. All she’d really be doing is showing me her hairy cunt anyway. That is one of my favorite galleries of her. She deserves two jerkoff symbols.

You can see all of Lisa’s very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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