Little Milf Ridinghood


Nikki looks like a sexy bad girl. I bet you never considered Little Red Ridinghood had a hairy cunt though, did you?

This hairy milf Nikki first appeared in mature and hairy volume 206, and these shots are from a recent gallery that was something like her 5th set. She seems to like her fancy clothes. What a hot little chick. She’s got a nice cunt, and I love her pussy lips.

Nikki is 31 years old and weighs only 110 pounds. She enjoys country music, motorcycles and drag racing. Country music, eh? Too bad for her. I’m gonna’ put my honky-tonk dick in your honky-tonk hole… blah, blah, blah… that’s how all country songs go, right?

This chick Nikki is a bartender, so I’d bet she gets hit on alot. She likes someone with a great smile and a nice rear end. And when it comes to sex, hairy Nikki says she likes to get on top.

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Hairy Outdoor Milf


Ambra is this week’s full-bush amateur at Aunt Judy’s. She’s 31 years old and lives in Northern California where she works at a nutrition shop.

She enjoys camping, swimming, and sex in the great oudoors. I’d personally love to fuck this hairy milf out in the woods. She also has a nice ass.

I hear that Ambra has a new workout routine that includes taking herbal viagra pills and having sex with her weight lifter boyfriend three times a day. What a way to break a sweat! But wait a minute, is that info correct? Why would a woman need to take viagra? Am I missing something here? She’s totally into nutrition and herbal pills and stuff, so I guess she knows what she’s doing. And I certainly wouldn’t mind fucking her three times a day for a while, either.

Ambra likes to get naked outside and run her fingers through her thick and furry bush. What a way to pass the time, huh?

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ATK Hairy Akasha


Akasha, what a babe! This chick is such an awesome spreader and has such a nice hairy pussy, how can I narrow it down to only four pictures for this post? It was pretty hard to decide, really, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy these ones.
These shots are from her 1st of 10 very excellent galleries. This set appeared back in mature and hairy volume 47. In total, there are over 2,000 high-quality excellent pictures of Akasha at Natural & Hairy. Oh yeah, if you’re going to check Natural & Hairy I’d also strongly recommend that you look at Akasha’s galleries too.

What a sweetheart. Everything about this hairy babe is nice. She looks as equally fuckable in her clothes and she does without them… I mean, as long as she’s still showing her nice hairy cunt.

She also has a nice set of tits on her and overall Akasha is extremely fuckable. She’s always been a much-sought-after model from ATKingdom and everybody that I’ve met online has loved her.

Akasha is 31 years old and works as a fashion production manager. She loves being photographed, and says her hobbies include theatre and eating out. And speaking of eating out, how’d you love to suck her right off?

This mature hairy sweetheart has some awesome galleries and says that she loves to do it doggy. I would absolutely love to help her out with that.

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ATK Hairy Mature Jina


This chick Jina is a real little cutie. This gallery starts off with her lifting her already short skirt and she looks pretty hot in that outfit. But since I have very limited space here I’ll just show you her cunt… you guys don’t mind, do you?

She also has a nice ass and she spreads it perfectly. She looks totally sweet from behind, especially when she’s down on all fours.

Jina currently has 11 very excellent galleries. If you’re going to Natural & Hairy, you’re not going to be able to see everything, I know this because I’ve already been a member there for years and I have still not seen everything for sure… but this is one of the several hairy girls that I would highly recommend you check out.

Jina is 40 years old and is one of the many hairy redheads that I have grown to absolutely love since I’ve seen so many awesome hairy redheads spreading the hairy cunts at ATK Natural & Hairy. It is true that they totally converted me. There was a time when I used to pretty much skip almost all photsets of redheads. But not any more!

She likes classical music, Mozart specifically, and works as an accountant. She’s from Poland and says that she wants to get into some group sex.

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Playful Hairy Amber


Amber likes to hike up into the hills with her boyfriend and have sex on top of the biggest peak! Sounds like lots of fun to me, that’s the kind of woman that I’d really, really love to have around.
Her boyfriend saw his amateur girlfriend at Aunt Judy’s for the first time the other day, and he got so excited that he wants to take the pics!

She’s a sexy 32 year old social worker from San Diego that likes to go bowling, collect antique buttons, and have raunchy sex with her boyfriend Steve. What a lucky guy. Amber looks playful and she has a nice cunt.

There are currently six nice galleries of Amber, but I have to warn you, in one of those her cunt is completely shaved. Her pussy lips do stand out very nicely though.

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Another Excellent Spreader


I love blondes with black pussy hair. Magda has a nice cunt and she’s an excellent spreader. Check out that close up, does that hairy cunt look tasty or what?

Magda currently has 12 galleries going back to mature and hairy volume 45. There are some awesome housewife scenes but I really enjoyed those outdoor sets.

Magda is 31 years old and is from the Czech Republic. She’s a housewife and enjoys watching romantic films. She describes her ideal man as kind, sincere and fond of children. She didn’t realize it when she was filling out her application at ATKingdom, but at the time she was talking about me! We should fuck!

There is a full bio available on Magda. She says that she wants to have sex on a plane, and likes it doggy.

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Nice Thigh Spillage


This hairy chick Edun has more hair on her body than you’d think at first glance. If you take a closer look at this first picture you’ll notice that she has hairy pits, hairy arms, and her bush is sticking out from her panties.

I also love that shot of her showing her nice hairy pussy from behind. In that one you can see her hairy ass as well as the hair creeping from her bush and down her legs, which is an awesome view. Edun also has a piercing on her pussy too, and it really adds to her overall sex-appeal.

Edun currently has 12 excellent galleries that date back to mature and hairy volume 44. Edun is also an amazing spreader.

She’s 32 years old and works as an office manager. She likes working out and hopes to finish her education. Besides that, she’s totally into oral sex!

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Hairy Flirt Shauna


Shauna is a tasty little crumpet that works at a law firm. She’s an assistant to one of the partners in the firm, and she especially enjoys going to court to file claims. Shauna is a bit of a flirt, and loves the attention she gets from the barristers.

I’d love to have this cute little full bush amateur flirt with me. I love when stuff like that happens. I can dish it out in real life even better than I can write it down! She’s a cutie anyway, and now that I’ve already seen her spreading her hairy pussy, I can honestly say that I’d love to jump on her and ram my cock deep up her hairy fuckhole. Think she’d mind if I said that?

Shauna is a 32 year old sweet babe. You can see more of her at Aunt Judy’s.

Very Hairy Mary


Mary has always been a very popular model at Natural & Hairy. She’s got a massive bush, hairy legs, hairy pits, a nice wet slit, and she’s an excellent spreader. That picture of her from behind looks pretty sweet too. I like how her bush seems to hang down, it’s hard to explain. Just check out the picture and you’ll see that it’s a nice view.

There are currently 10 excellent galleries of Mary available. This photoset is from mature and hairy volume 44.

Mary is 33 years old and works as a landscaper. She also enjoys poetry, hiking and bicycling, and she has a nice hairy cunt.

She also has a full bio available too, and when asked about her sexual fantasy she answered, “orgyrama”. That’s a good answer, because that just tells me that whichever position you’d prefer to fuck her in, she’d probably want to go for it.

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Long Curly Pubes


Heidi’s pubes look long, don’t they? Her galleries date back to mature and hairy volume 44, and that’s where these shots are from.

Today we’re looking at a hairy hippie chick. She’s 40 years old, has a bunch of tattoos, she’s an excellent spreader, and has long curly pubes. Her hairy cunt looks nice when she spreads her legs… I like it!

Heidi currently has nine excellent galleries including a few lesbian scenes. Her sexual fantasy is to be with two women, so the lesbo scenes don’t surprise me.

Heidi’s ideal man has a hard cock, is smart and likes to suck pussy. Anybody care to sign-up for some pussy-sucking sessions with Heidi?

You can see all of her excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.