Redheaded Milf With Big Cunt


My first thought when I first saw this chick was that I probably wouldn’t fuck her, but after checking out this gallery in more detail I think I’m going to change my mind on that one.

Betty is totally red in this one, and she also has man hands too, but take a look at that big fucking cunt. She can really open that thing up! I like it.

She’s 50 years old and works as a tailor. She’s into candles and wine and she’s from the Ukraine. Betty likes it doggy style but she looks better in those front views when she’s got her legs open.

Wow, I can’t get over what a big gaping hole her pussy can be at times. She’d like to get it on with another woman just to see how that goes, but in the meantime she’ll fuck almost anything that moves.

You can see Betty’s 10+ galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy. 🙂

Busty Hairy Milf


Holy shit, what a set of knockers on this babe Renate. That set sure looks nice and firm for a 50 year old!

Her work dates back to mature and hairy volume 224, and Renate currently has 13 photo sets including some hairy lesbian ones as well as six movies.

When you see this chick spread her snatch then you notice that she’s also got a really nice looking cunt on her too. I really enjoyed checking out all her work and I can easily say that I sure wouldn’t mind banging her for a while either.

Renate works as a secretary and says that she dreams about fucking her boss. She should quit her job right now and come work for me. I’d let her work overtime every day! I forgot to mention also, that Renate loves anal sex. Nice cunt, nice tits, nice looking babe… she could start first thing Monday!

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Hairy Redheaded Milf


Wow, Marga is totally red in this gallery. She’s a slim, horny milf who was quite a hippy in her day. She still loves her chains, maintains her hairy pits and her furry pussy and above all, she loves to fuck.

Marga’s work dates back to mature and hairy volume 222, and she currently has 13 photo galleries available including a few lesbo sets, and she has three full movies too. She looks pretty fuckable in some of those too.

She loves to show off in public and she’s quite a cock teaser too. The more I find out about her and the more I see her work, the more I’d love to spend some time hanging out with her. And I’d certainly let her have my dick too. You can tell that she needs a good, deep fucking.

Marga is 48 years old and is from Germany. She loves to do it doggy style the best, and likes to spend time in her garden. We can fuck there too.

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Busty Hairy Milf


This hairy milf Nicky is a great little spreader and she’s got a really nice set of knockers on her. If you like this chick then go and check out all her work. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

She’s got 10 galleries and they have all been marked as hot for very good reason. Wow, what a nice cunt. She’s a great spreader too. I’d be willing to fuck something like this for hours at a time no problem.

Nicky has four full-length movies as well, and her work dates back to mature and hairy 222. She’s got a rating of 4.62 which is very good,  but I think her rating might be even higher if more guys even knew about her.

She’s 34 years old and has a bust size of 34DD. Damn, that is nice. I’d love to have her get on top and ride me while those things hang down in my face.

She likes being watched and has no sexual fantasies because she’s done them all. Her favorite sexual position is all of them. She sounds very easy to get along with.

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Cute Flat Hairy Milf


This hairy milf Sean is a cutie. She’s flat and she has a decent enough bush. Her work dates back to mature and hairy volume 221 and she currently has ten photo sets available.

Sean looks amazing in a dress. And when she lifts it up she’s got a really nice ass too. This chick is 30 years old and has a rating of 4.44 out of 5.

She works as a bartender and loves 70’s rock and roll. She looks cute and from her bio she sounds like she’d be fun to hang out with. I’d also love to spend some time with her in her bedroom.

She’s from Houston, Texas and says that she would love to have sex outside in the rain and thunder.

You can see all of Sean’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy. 🙂

Hairy Milf Lana


Lana’s work dates back to mature and hairy 220. I’m still trying to figure out if that bush is blonde or red. Either way, its kind of light in color but its thicker than it first appears to be.

This chick looks pretty sophisticated, doesn’t she? And her asshole looks pretty well used too. I wouldn’t mind spending some time pounding her tight hole.

These shots are from her first set but she’s got 10 galleries at ATK Hairy that includes some really nice work. About half of her sets have been marked as hot by the members of the site.

She’s also got three full-length movies and an overall rating right now of 4.58 which is very good for someone who I believe alot of guys haven’t even seen or really noticed that much.

Lana is 40 years old and likes dancing, kissing and fires. She’s into photography and likes guys who are tall, big, have strong jaws, and she went on and on. She seems to really know what she wants.

You can see all of Lana’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy. 🙂

Hairy Favorite Angelika


I’m sure that we’ve already spoke about this awesome hairy babe Angelika before but I was looking through one of my personal folders recently and happened to come across her again. So I had to sneak her in here again.

She’s got a nice wide bush and she’s an excellent spreader. She was very popular in her time and I still love checking out her work. She did a great job of being fuckable and showing her hairy pussy in this gallery.

I just noticed that she’s got some new galleries available. The ones of her getting fucked can’t be that old really. I’d like to see ATK bring her back for another run of galleries. Or have they already?

Right now there are 15 galleries including some hardcore sets, so you can even see her getting fucked now. She also has seven movie clips too.

Angelika is 42 years old and has a very nice wide bush. She’s a nurse and she’s from Germany. She loves spending time with her dog. I’d like to replace him for a while.

You can see all of Angelika’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Russian Housewife


Claudia is not the most gorgeous hairy milf we’ve ever seen but don’t be too quick to discount her either. This chick has alot of experience and she’s got a fucking nice hairy cunt too. She’s also friendly and she shares.

She’s got 10 galleries dating back to mature and hairy volume 220 as well as three movies. I wonder why these kinds of women who are not so obviously hot seem to be more horny than the other ones? Strange how that works sometimes.

Claudia is 44 years old and is only 5’3. She’s a dress maker and loves to fuck doggy style. Her cunt looks pretty good from behind, doesn’t it? Her asshole looks well used too.

This hairy milf thinks she can out-fuck almost any guy, and she’d love to try taking on two guys at once. Care to give her a shot?

You can see all of Claudia’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy. 🙂

Hairy Pussy Milf Lizzy


I’ve said before that around this point somewhere I thought the mature and hairy section of ATK Hairy got much better. Sure, there will always still be a few girls that I’ll skip but for the most part if you’ve liked the selection of hairy milfs that we’ve had so far, its about to get even better.

Where we are now is at mature and hairy volume 220. There’s still a long way to go and lots of awesome mature hairy babes to check out yet. And just for your info, as I write this ATK is currently at volume 314 so with all the hairy women that I have scheduled right now, at this rate it will take us into the year 2013 just to catch up to what they have as current today. And of course, by then they will be that much further ahead. It’s like a circle. The circle of life… the way things should be for every real man… you go from one hairy pussy straight to another whenever you feel like it. Why can’t things just be so simple?

If you want to go right to the source for yourself, I wouldn’t blame you. I could go on and on. But let’s talk about Lizzy instead.

Lizzy first appeared in volume 220 and her first set was a bride gallery. That was fucking awesome. What a hairy babe and what nice thick, juicy cunt lips she has too. There were plenty of shots of her hairy ass as well and I thought this was great.

She went on to make 20 excellent galleries for ATK Hairy, and they have all since been marked as hot by the members of the site.

Lizzy also has five movies and appears in ATK’s DVD called ATK Luv Those Lips. How fitting. A true must-have DVD for anyone into big luscious pussy lips, and especially those of you who love big hairy ones. 12 scenes packed with girls who all have meaty vaginas and especially thick labias or lips. Most of the girls are playing with themselves alone, but there is 1 lesbian love scene and 2 boy/girl full-on fuck scenes complete with a Trina getting a great creampie.

This chick is an excellent spreader and she’s got super thick pussy lips, a hairy ass and a pierced pussy. And a big gash. I’d love to fuck this. What an awesome babe. She likes her hats, and I like her cunt lips… we are practically made for eachother.

Oh yeah, I was so into that Luv Those Lips thing that I forgot to mention that Lizzy also appears in ATK Luv Those Lips, Vol. 2: Hairy! and ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 20: More Hairy MILFS.

She’s 46 years old and says she enjoys turning others on. Man, does she ever do a good job of that over at ATK.

You can see all of Lizzy’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Milf Raven


This nice hairy milf Raven is always a pleasure to look at. I really like her long hair. She’s got a nice shape to her too. She’s always smiling and she’s got a nice furry pussy as well. I would love to put it up this one any time, and not just once either.

She’s got 20 excellent galleries as well as nine movies. She also appears in one of ATK’s new DVDs, and you can see her in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 20: More Hairy MILFS.

Raven has an overall rating right now of 4.62. She’s tall and slim and says that she works in a lingerie department. I’d love to have her personally model all kinds of lingerie for me. But to do it when the store is closed. That would be great. Well, I’m looking for three or four good outfits that you can see bush through. I’m not sure 100% what I’m looking for but I’ll know it when I see it.

She listed her turn-ons as the breeze, naked men and smells, and says her favorite position is ass up in the air. Sounds like great fun. She looks good from behind too.

You can see all of Raven’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.